The 2014 Sailing ISAF Worlds have recently concluded in Santander, and they have been a perfect scenario for OceanDrivers’ R+D+i products, EasyCurrents and EasyWind to be proved as a major support tool; where OceanDrivers’ data management, software and sailing expertise have successfully been put into the spotlight.

The sailing regattas during the worlds have been heavily affected by weather conditions:

  • The first days standed out for having very weak unconsistent winds and strong currents, where the race committees had hard times to place the start lines and buoys, and many of the favourites were disqualified for early starts for not correctly processing current speed and direction.
  • A very strong southern wind made its appearance for the mid days of the championship, where reading the strong gusts and wind direction changes were the key to success.
  • Finally, medal races were held under a very light and gusty breeze, also affected by crossed currents; the teams which best read the course area had great advantage over the rest of rivals.

The following teams have been using EasyCurrents and EasyWind Equipment to improve their sailors performance during the worlds: