More than 10 years working with Ocean-Meteo data will bring the expertise you need for your research.

Working remotely from Mallorca with global scope.

From sensors and data
we create final product

Full stack work

We help you in all the process, not only with our software expertice for your product but also in branding, user interface, online-marketing and distribution.


EasyWind OceanDrivers

EasyWind OceanDrivers is the new way of providing wind information for your sailors. It combines the best of a weather station, a robust hardware and a software experience to make your job easier.

Ocean Web Weather

Ocean Web Weather is a full weather system which displays and makes available advanced ocean weather information to be included into an existing port/sailing club website.

Sail Shape Plus

Our software solution for analyse the shape of your sail. It works in: real-time with automatic sail line detection or manual line detection. Combine the information of your boat with our image classifier plugin.


Check our underwater towed camera. This observing platform is perfect for stereo video registration or ground mapping. It is portable and easy to operate from the boat.

Do you have a product?

We can help your hardware or software product to reach your customer and became more profitable. Improve your user experience and get increase its value.

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We have many fields of expertise, we are not only a software development company, we have experience in developing products to help your technology reach your customer.

Custom projects

We wanna work with you. Bring your project to oceandrivers. We get involved and help you grow, implement your ideas and made them a final product.

Here you can see a variety of succesfull examples of custom develope and client projects.

Current projects

IEO Censos

Database for the management of censuses for the analysis of marine biological data.

BEAch MONitronig

BEAMON Viewer The Beach Monitoring Viewer (BEAMON Viewer) is a user-friendly interactive app showing the locations of beaches monitored by the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB).

Data Viewer Generator

Plugin based mutlipurpose viewer sistem for ocean-meteo data. Timeseries, trajectory and map data visualization.

ONA Toolbox

The development of the ONA toolbox aims to provide to local authorities a tool as a support system to develop local strategies of adaptation in front of climate change effects in the coastal area.


Impact evaluation of trammel fishing on benthic habitats to find innovate mitigation measures in collaboration with the fishing sector.

Who are our clients?

Reasearch centers, Sensor manufacturer’s, Yatch clubs and Marinas, top class sailors, oceanographic companies.

We work business to business but also with final customers. Our hardware and software projects have been used in more than 15 countries world wide.

EEUU, UK, Norway, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Singapur, Australia, Chile, Israel, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Colombia, Check republic, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Poland, …

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