This month we started two new software projects, our sorftware will help to analyze data to the TP 52 team azurra and to keep track of the  biodiversity around the balearic island helping the Spanish Oceanography institue. We also have one our EasyWind Tokyo editions travelling to Norway plus keep our students up to date. Another month already!

Sail shape plus

Keep tunned with these new tool beause 2019 we will generate a product to automatic analize the sail shape. For the time being, team Azurra is using it to check out its sails trim. For post analisys and real time. Youd don’t need glases… the numbers are blured while you can’t check its trim for the rivals!


We are working in a post analisys tool too where you can edit the output and run a batch of images together. We will keep working all of this year to improve this product.


IEO Censos

We also started our project with the IEO Spanish Insitute of Oceanography to help keeping the date about measurement taken of biological campaign. We will implement a generic system to keep all of their dive surveys. As we use to say information is power and keep all of this information will:

  • First help and reduce the time to import the data to an structured database.
  • Secondly allow interoperability between different surveys for future studies.