Monthly summary at OceanDrivers April 2018

Another month went by and time flyes when you are having fun! We believe information is power and we keep focus on helping to analyse ocean data. This month we worked again with MetWind to make there work easier. MetWIND is focused on providing added-value weather forecasting, specific for competitive sailing.Using our expertise in GRIB [...]

Monthly summary at OceanDrivers April 20182022-06-16T09:43:03+02:00

Monthly summary at OceanDrivers March 2018

Looks like every month is getting busier and we are happy to ve this way! The bay of Palma in March is full of olimpic sailors and we helped then with our Weather system. 8 points of real time information available for all of the Trofeo Princesa Sofia sailors. Also combined [...]

Monthly summary at OceanDrivers March 20182022-06-16T09:44:53+02:00

Monthly summary at OceanDrivers February 2018

February is the shortest month of the year. We have done so many thing, we have worked in the canary islands, from Barcelona, we had a course in rome and of course in our base at the balearic islands. We have a brand new weather station at the Real Club Náutico de Palma. Many sailors [...]

Monthly summary at OceanDrivers February 20182022-06-16T09:48:31+02:00

Monthly summary at OceanDrivers January 2018

We inaugurate a new cicle of stories at OceanDrivers. We are doing so many things at OceanDrivers that we did not had time to show it. We want to change it and make you participate more in the work OceanDrivers is doing right now. We will start on how did we end 2017 and what [...]

Monthly summary at OceanDrivers January 20182022-06-16T09:53:18+02:00

Back to school

The summer is finished…TIME TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! We hope that you guys had a great summer of cruising, racing and relaxing! All our instructors have been super busy running around from one regatta to the other (TPs, Fastnet Race, Copa del Rey, Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup…) and discussing with old and new students… [...]

Back to school2022-06-16T09:55:04+02:00

The Academy at METS

METS trade is always and incredible chance to learn about new technologies on the market, discuss with our partners, meet new instructors and be at the heart of the world's sailing community! This year has been even better then last year! A bigger show but, most of all, a bigger success for the Academy. After [...]

The Academy at METS2022-06-16T09:57:28+02:00

Routing courses

Routing courses, between art and science Routing is one of the most fascinating part of offshore sailing! New navigational softwares (such as Adrena and Expedition) allow navigators to study different options using powerfull tools. Even if the the softwares are incredibly powerful, routing is still something in between art and science (like everything we teach!). [...]

Routing courses2022-06-16T10:08:55+02:00

Group courses: a great way to learn

Every time we organise and teach a group course it's a pleasure to see how useful it is for our students. Having a classroom with sailors with different backgrounds and experiences makes the lesson very interactive and there is a continuous exchange of knowledge and "real life facts". In the last 2 week we [...]

Group courses: a great way to learn2022-06-16T10:12:00+02:00
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