Marinexplore is a free marine data place for the ocean community – a fast and visual way to search ocean data, aggregated in a 3D coordinate system.


In an era of big data, when 90% of the oceans are still unexplored and mobile oceanic sensors are disrupting the industry, the tools and working processes for ocean exploration have changed little over the last 15 years.

Today, most public ocean data is disconnected, often archived and never used again. Professionals across offshore, marine technology & scientific community who rely on that data, are isolated from each other, while more than 80% of the exploration time today is spent on data processing.

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Marine explorer give you access to ( 21/January/2013):

  • 6 satellite products
  • 25,251 in-situ platforms
  • 1,343,396,500 in-situ measurements
  • 2,441 users

You can use marine explorer to learn from their community. They use “Labs” where you can creat discussions, post and tutorials about ocean data.

Oceandrivers have create a tutorial about how to access marinexplorer data. You can see it in the “marinexplorer labs” registering in their website or in oceandrivers