Albatros presents “ODi (Ocean Drifter Iridium)” an small and compact surface drifters to track sea currents based on Iridium, using global full ocean coverage bidirectional satellite communication network.



A small diameter of 20 cm with a low weight of 3 kg makes the whole system very user freindly for deployment and recovery. Its 5 liter volume allows the use of a holeysock drogue. Its autonomy up to 6 months makes it ideal for short term scientific missions, oil spill tracking and search and rescue operations.

The standard measurements are temperature, GPS position/time and battery level. The sampling frequency and transmission frequency are user configurable. Options include analog input and digital input and output for specific user required sensors.

A new buoys’ concept:

  • Intrinsically safe
  • GPS Positioning
  • Iridium Comunication (email)
  • Autonomy up to 6 months


  • Based on GIS
  • Emitting Frequency configuration
  • Data Preview
  • Compatible with GoogleEarth

Get more info at Albatros website.