A collaboration framework agreement was signed yesterday between the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) and OceanDrivers in order to develop R+D+i common projects and programmes.   An official act took place yesterday at Son Lledó’s universitary building, where Matias Bonet  (OceanDriver’s CEO) and Dr. Llorenç Huguet, (UIB’s chancellor) signed the document in presence of Dr. Gabriel Oliver Codina, Head of the Systems, Robotics and Vision, research group, Dr. Josep Lluís Ferrer, Professor’s Vice-Chancellor and Dr. Jordi Llabrés Innovation and IT transfer Vice-Chancellor.

Once the agreement was signed, Matias Bonet, briefly explained  OceanDriver’s current international scope and its work guidelines and projects, in which Dr. Llorenç Huguet was very interested, and even suggested further actions in order to support the agreement which had just been signed.

Link to the official article released by UIB’s website.UIBandOCEANDRIVERS