OceanDrivers will be travelling to Rio de Janeiro from December, 1st 2013 to December, 15th 2013, regarding the tidal and current models for the bay of Guanabara, where the Olympic sailing race courses will be placed during Río 2016, related to EasyCurrents project, where model verification and testing tasks will be carried out.

Rio will be an ideal scenario to push the project forward, as the Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro (ICRJ) will be hosting the 1st edition of the 49er Intergalactic Champions for 49er & 49erFX sailing classes, which will take place from the 5th – 8th December 2013.


 Current information for Guanabara Bay – Rio de Janeiro. Current / Tidal model source by Tidetech, and viewed with Weather Track.


Current streamlines 3D view for Guanabara Bay – Rio de Janeiro, where the 3D perspective illustrates the sea-level height oscillations caused by tides. Image created using Integrated Data Viewer (IDV).