Thanks to Ryan M. Kelly, a Software Systems Engineer, Sr. from MITRE located in Washington, D.C., who provided a publicly available THREDDS Data Servers list, OceanDrivers has added it to its own THREDDS. It provides a full, compiled, and up-to-date THREDDS Servers listing, making its data available for its users in a single location.

OceanDrivers has added this list to its own RAMADDA repository, where users can view all the available data as a single THREDDS catalog and browse them with existing visualisation tools (e.g. “Integrated Data Viewer’s (IDV)”.

OceanDrivers and MITRE are establishing future cooperation synergies in order to enhance the scientific THREDDS community. According to Ryan Kelly, “MITRE is currently trying to establish a better aviation presence within the THREDDS user community, mainly by hosting different types of aviation datasets (e.g. ACARS, AMDARs, and SIGMETS) and atmospheric-flight trajectory fused data to explore the “Trajectory” data type in TDS.” Moreover, MITRE is hosting numerical weather prediction (NWP) model output from RUC, RR, and GFS run by NOAA.

In order to make a contribution to the available THREDDS Data Servers list, please contact

Please find below a series of screenshots in order to illustrate how to add the THREDDS Server list from RAMADDA to the IDV ( Integrated Data Viewer):

List of THREDDS links within RAMADDA:



Get the THREDDS xml document from Links->THREDDS:



You can copy the url to import the catalog in IDV or other THREDDS browser.



To browse the catalogs in IDV go to the Data Chooser ->Catalog and paste the thredds link. You can now browse any of the catalogs and display the data compatible with IDV. The following image show an agreggated dataset of “Ocean Color” from the “ISAC / Gruppo di Oceanografia da Satellite (GOS)”



Check our Oceanographic software section in our repository to get more information about THREDDS.