OceanDrivers is very proud to announce the launch of a new and revolutionary ACADEMY: the first organization focused on filling the gap between sailors and technology.

In the last few years OceanDrivers’ team had the chance to meet all the different players that are part of the marine industry; what has become more and more clear in our mind is that there is a gap between developers/producers and final users. This gap is not there because of excessive costs of the products or excessive technical skills needed to use the products; the gap is a cultural gap.

OceanDrivers’ Academy is born with the aim of filling this gap.

Tell all your friends! The Academy will work non-stop to organize on line and on site courses, seminars, working groups and many different activities for sailors, yacht clubs, sailing schools, manufacturers and professionals .

Our new partner Gilberto Pastorella has brought fresh energies to OceanDrivers’ team and the extra skills that we needed to start this new, ambitious project!

Follow our ACADEMY online!

Meet us in Amsterdam at METS 2015!

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