Ramadda data repository has released a new version 1.6, which provides a set of new advanced features, amongst which we can highlight the following:

  • New display front-end integrated into the wiki facility, enabling the creation of rich interactive searchs, charting and data access interfaces across multiple federated repositories.
  • New entry types – Virtual Group, Case Study, Vocabulary, etc.
  • Extended entry editing including the ability to change entry types.
  • The beginnings of an entry type, metadata and data dictionary editor.
  • Automatic extraction of thumbnail images from powerpoint and word files.
  • Bug fixes and additions to the documentation.

OceanDrivers has collaborated with Geode Systems, regarding the new release, and have developed some live examples using the new features, which are below presented:

New Displays



Glider data display:


Line Charts

We have used the following graphs to present OceanDrivers results in a campaign:

Improved Integration capability

The campaign results have been integrated within a wordpress framework website, in a very simple and easy way.

Fixed Wiki Layouts

Wiki layouts can be constructed based on the data to be displayed and using the newly available Ramadda features.
Further notes about the release here.

New version to download is available here.