Welcome to ONA Toolbox

ONA Toolbox has been develop by OceanDrivers for SOCIB. The software runs a modelitation of a perfect storm in different climate change scenarios. The sofware has as input a topo/bathymetry and a machine learning simulated storms. Based on this information is capable of propagate this storm using first Swan for wave modeling and lisflood for flood simulations. Based on this calculate also the future erosion of the beach.


Check the wiki page to understand how the software work.

ONA Toolbox provides differente results

Automátic result generation

Wave height worst moment

Swan output at the worts moment of the .

Extreme listflood flood

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Erosion map

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2D Cut of wave model

Vertical section of the result of a wave model. You can see the rise of sealevel.

Mean beach erosion

Mean valkue for the beach erosion, recoil of the beach sand.

Our Work

We have develop a desktop webapp with our Framework. All included in a self installable program. It  combines the run of two separate models, SWAN and LISTFlood. It creates the config files necesaries and merge the outputs as inputs in the coupled models.

Most complex part: regrid and reployect the different outputs to map them.