New Ramadda Release 1.6

Ramadda data repository has released a new version 1.6, which provides a set of new advanced features, amongst which we can highlight the following: New display front-end integrated into the wiki facility, enabling the creation of rich interactive searchs, charting and data access interfaces across multiple federated repositories. New entry types - Virtual Group, Case [...]

New Ramadda Release 1.62022-06-16T13:30:48+02:00

New Contract with Geode Systems

OceanDrivers has established a contract with Geode Systems LLC, from Denver (US), in order to provide its vision, expertise and professional know-how, which will result into consultancy and development services upon Geode’s data product, focused in RAMADDA’s point data service visualization. Both parties are aware of the mutual benefits and future [...]

New Contract with Geode Systems2022-06-21T09:18:36+02:00

RAMADDA a repository for all your data

OceanDrivers is using RAMADDA as a tool for organisation, cataloguing and viewing purposes of scientific and non scientific information. Due to its outstanding features which provide plenty of plugins and searching capabilities RAMADDA is proving to be very useful as single information point for Oceanographic Data Management, making it available for [...]

RAMADDA a repository for all your data2022-06-21T10:51:56+02:00
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