Current model verification at Guanabara Bay

On December 2013, OceanDrivers traveled to Rio de Janeiro to carry out tasks for different projects, amongst which was the verification of a scientific tidal model for Guanabara Bay, using EasyCurrents empiric measurements in contrast with a current model provided by Tidetech for December 6th 2013. Our team has analysed EasyCurrents' samples results, and has [...]

Current model verification at Guanabara Bay2022-06-21T09:14:45+02:00

Business Trip to Brazil

OceanDrivers will be travelling to Rio de Janeiro from December, 1st 2013 to December, 15th 2013, regarding the tidal and current models for the bay of Guanabara, where the Olympic sailing race courses will be placed during Río 2016, related to EasyCurrents project, where model verification and testing tasks will be carried out. Rio will [...]

Business Trip to Brazil2022-06-21T09:16:01+02:00

Successful EasyCurrents Campaign

OceanDrivers has successfully accomplished EasyCurrents R+D+i campaign regarding real-time current measurements.  Four EasyCurrents prototype buoys have undertaken several tests, regarding both functionality and precision, and have excelled in every aspect: Easy handling and simple operative and functionality have been verified. Buoy ranges have proved to be up to 100m. Current measurements have been used in [...]

Successful EasyCurrents Campaign2022-06-21T09:21:11+02:00

EasyCurrents Campaign

With the aim of carrying out the final tests for EasyCurrents, OceanDrivers R+D+i project, regarding real-time current measurements, OceanDrivers has organised and coordinated a field campaign,  which will take place in a Bavaria 39 sailing vessel,  from August 24th to August 30th.  The itinerary will be divided into 2 differentiated areas, where EasyCurrents buoys and [...]

EasyCurrents Campaign2022-06-21T09:22:39+02:00
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