Pole Star


Pole Star has hired OceanDrivers services as a specialist consultant in order to enhance the integration of Tidetech's data into Pole Star’s Fleet Management, SSAS Alert Advanced and Marine Asset Tracker 2.0.  OceanDrivers previous experience with Tidetech and other data management integrations, will ensure an optimised final result. Project Details Date April 2014 Links Pole Star's website. [...]

Geode Systems


OceanDrivers has supported Geode Systems, the developer of the RAMADDA data management platform, to build out comprehensive support for different Oceanographic data types within RAMADDA. The project will provide data management and end-user services such as search, mapping and charting. Project Details Date November 2013 - April 2014 Links OceanDrivers' Repository. RAMADDA's Website. Client Geode Systems



OceanDrivers has created and maintained Tidetech's currents data processing and distribution system. Tidetech applies the science of oceanography to create data products designed to improve efficiency for a range of maritime applications including shipping, offshore industries and renewable energy technologies. Global data products, created using satellite observation and hydrodynamic models, comprise tidal streams, ocean currents, sea surface temperatures and [...]

MEDESS Campaign


OceanDrivers will propose solutions for the PRE / DURING /POST campaign. As Ocean Information Engineers, we can provide standard solutions which will simplify all the MEDES data life cycle and consequently the post-MEDES data process time will be reduced and its productivity will be increased. OceanDrivers will act as a data management coordinator providing consultancy on: [...]

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