Display CTD profiles with ODV

During the past MEDESS Campaign, 39 CTD profiles were carried out, and during the post-processing, OceanDrivers created an Ocean Data View (ODV) images in order to illustrate the results. Ocean Data View (ODV) is a software package for the interactive exploration, analysis and visualization of oceanographic and other geo-referenced profile, time-series, trajectory or sequence data. [...]

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Successful MEDESS Campaign

OceanDrivers has successfully taken part of MEDESS Oceanographic Campaign which has taken place from September 20th - 25th, between the Catalan coast and Mallorca's north-western coast.  OceanDrivers team was part of García del Cid's crew, and within the tasks which were carried out,  9 Lagrangian drifters (ODI buoys) were placed and ready to track.  39 CTDs [...]

Successful MEDESS Campaign2022-06-21T09:20:25+02:00

Ready for MEDESS

OceanDrivers' team is ready for MEDESS campaign, which will set off from Barcelona on September 15th. A specific MEDESS section within OceanDrivers repository has been set up, with all the useful information about the campaign, check it out! Follow us on twitter in order to know the latest news about OceanDrivers and MEDESS campaign: @myOceanDrivers [...]

Ready for MEDESS2022-06-21T09:20:50+02:00

OceanDrivers participates in Medess Campaign

OceanDrivers will be taking part of the MEDESS Campaign which will take place in September 2013, and will be cooperating with SOCIB's Data Centre in order to carry out the campaign's necessary data management tasks. Mediterranean Decision Support System for Marine Safety (MEDESS-4MS) is dedicated to the strengthening of maritime safety by mitigating the risks [...]

OceanDrivers participates in Medess Campaign2022-06-21T09:21:43+02:00
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