OceanDrivers is using RAMADDA for internal project management purposes, greatly easing coordination tasks. Due to its outstanding features which provide plenty of plugins and searching capabilities RAMADDA is proving to be very useful as single information point for Oceanographic Data Management, making it available for the scientific community.

Create – Organise – Share
RAMADDA is a freely available, open-source content and data repository, with over 40 different plugins provide rich support for science data; Oceanography in this case. On your laptop, in the field, at the office or in the cloud; RAMADDA runs anywhere and is easy to install, configure and maintain.

Within OceanDrivers’ RAMADDA repository, users will find links and examples to useful information, such as:

  • Oceanographic Data Portals
  • Oceanographic Software
  • Oceanographic Data Management

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OceanDrivers has created a full, compiled, and up-to-date THREDDS Servers listing, making its data available for its users in a single location. Users can view all the available data as a single THREDDS catalog and browse it with existing visualisation tools (e.g. “Integrated Data Viewer’s (IDV)”.

The THREDDS (Thematic Realtime Environmental Distributed Data Services) project is developing middleware to bridge the gap between data providers and data users. The goal is to simplify the discovery and use of scientific data and to allow scientific publications and educational materials to reference scientific data. The mission of THREDDS is for students, educators and researchers to publish, contribute, find, and interact with data in a convenient, effective, and integrated fashion.

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